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Coastal Modelling Environment

CoastalME is a modelling environment to simulate decadal and longer coastal morphological changes.

It is an engineering tool for advanced modellers seeking to simulate the interaction of multiple coastal landforms and different types of human interventions Payo et al. (2015).

Payo et al., (2016) described in detail the rationale behind CoastalME and demonstrated how it can be used to integrate; the Soft Cliff and Platform Erosion model SCAPE, the Coastal Vector Evolution Model COVE and the Cross Shore model CSHORE.

The software is written in C++ following the object oriented paradigm and has been documented using Doxygen.

The C++ source code is available for download under GNU open source license.

Creation and visualization of all inputs an ouputs can be done using your prefereed text editor (i.e. Notepad++ for the config files) and QGIS (for the raster and vector output files).

To get you started here you have a few examples input files for the test cases shown below.

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