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Code availability

The CoastalME is developed and maintained within the GitHub web-based repository hosting service. This repository allows users to download frozen versions of the model (version 1 at the time of writing) of to keep their local copy up to date. The version 1 can be found in A dedicated wiki-site to CoastalME which includes the model documentation, user manual, test cases, software requirements, installation guide, related publications and reports and a note about the framework developers can be found in This Wiki site includes a section on frequently asked question. Any question regarding CoastalME can be emailed to

This code is also available from the iCOASST project modes dedicated web site at the Coastal Channel Observatory web site ( The user accessing the code through this route will be able to see how CoastalME framework related with other existing modelling approaches of decadal and longer coastal morphodynamic.

The GDAL version used to develop CoastalME version 1 is no longer the latest GDAL version but it can still being downloaded from:

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