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-=========Cuspated soft shore platform without a beach========= +=========Examples========= 
-A realistic but not real ‘pseudo-topography’ example has been used to illustrate the operation of SCAPE-COVE within CoastalME. The ‘pseudo-topography’ covers an area of 1 km by 100 km with square raster cells of 1m length. The initial DEM is assumed to be only consolidated shore platform (e.g. no beach made of non-consolidated material). The consolidated shore platform is assumed to be a well-mixed mixture of 80% of sand and 20% of mud mass fractions with no gravel fractionThe consolidated platform is assumed to have a constant slope of 10 degrees with a weak alongshore sinusoidal variation creating three bay-shapes alike along the coastline+To get you started [[https://​​coastalme/​coastalme/​tree/​master/​in/​GMD2017|here]] you have a few examples input files for the test cases shown below. 
-{{ :wiki:slide6.png?​direct&​600 |}}+ 
 +{{ :wiki:coastalmefrontpage.png?​direct&​600 |}}
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