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Inputs and outputs examples

The inputs and output files used for this proof of concept can be downloaded from here.

The initial DEM is made of 1m regular square cells that extent an area of 1000m x 500m being and has an average slope seaward of 10.25 degrees that varies (±0.25deg) alongshore to represent a cuspate coastline. Wave forcing is assumed to be constant with offshore significant wave height of 2m, 10 seconds wave period and 270deg wave direction. For this initial DEM, three different sediment sizes compositions have been assumed: (1) all 100% DEM sediment is consolidated fine material, (2) 80% is consolidated fine and remaining 20% is consolidated sand and (3) 100% sediment is unconsolidated sand. The Dean profile scale factor A is assumed to be 0.062 m1/3 which correspond to a mean grain size of 0.15mm (Dean, 1991). The SCAPE rock strength calibration variable R is assumed equal to the value used by Walkden and Hall (2011) for the soft cliffed coast of North Norfolk (East UK) and equal to 6×106 m9/4s3/2. The scaling factor for the alongshore sediment transport for the CERC equation is assumed K_ls= 0.4 and, sediment porosity of 0.4, and sand sediment density of 2650 kg/m3. The DEM boundaries are assumed to be open boundaries where sediment is allowed to exit the domain but input sediment is assumed.

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