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 ===== Installation,​ Configuration,​ Troubleshooting ===== ===== Installation,​ Configuration,​ Troubleshooting =====
-  * [[faq:GDALonMSVC|Building ​GDAL in MSVC?]] +CoatalME builds easily using Linux. If you wish to run CoastalME on Windows, then we currently recommend using the Cygwin pseudo-Linux software to do this. 
-  ​[[faq:GDALonCYGWIN|Building ​GDAL in Cygwin?]] + 
-  * [[faq:CoastalMEfromSourceMSVC|How to build CoastalME from source under Windows ​in MSVC?]] +  - Create a local copy of the github repository, for example by downloading a zipfile, then unpacking it 
-  * [[faq:CoastalMEfromSourceCYGWIN|How to build CoastalME from source under Windows ​in Cygwin?]]+  - At a command-line prompt, change to the coastalme-master folder, then to the src folder 
 +  - If using Linuxcopy to OR if using Cygwin under Windows: copy run_cmake.CYGWIN to Then run If you see error messages re. missing software (for example, telling you that CMake cannot be found or is too old, or GDAL cannot be found or is too old) then you need to install or update the software that is causing the problem 
 +  - Run make install. This will create an executable file called cme in the coastalme-master folder 
 +  ​- Edit cme.ini to tell CoastalME which input file you wish to use (for example, in/​CliffFineBays/​CliffFineBays.dat) 
 +  - Run cme. Output will appear in the out/ folder 
 +  - Enjoy! 
 +PS We are working on getting CoastalME to build on Windows using the Visual Studio compiler... watch this space! 
 +CoastalME is built on the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library ([[http://​ ​| GDAL]]), so in order to run it you will need to make sure that the GDAL libraries are also installed on your machine.  
 +  * [[installation_guide:GDALonMSVC|Building GDAL in MSVC?]] 
 +  * [[installation_guide:GDALonCYGWIN|Building GDAL in Cygwin?]] 
 +  ​
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