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How to build & run CoastalME from source under Cygwin?

To build CoastalME from source you previously need to download the latest version of the source code and have GDAL installed as indicated here.

Download the latest CoastalME tarball using wget and unzip the content into a folder within your Cygwin home directory.

wget https:\\repository\icm-x.xx.tar.gz
tar xzvf icm-x.xx.tar.gz

This will unfold the appropriate folders in place. You just have to make sure that your inputs are located within the /in folder and its relative path added into the cme.ini file.

Then let's go the src folder to configure, make and make install.

cd coast/iCOASST/src/ 

if Permission denied when running *.sh make sure to change permission: chmod +x

make install

Here you can see a screenshot after ./ and after make. This should put an executable file named icm into the coast/iCOASST folder. If successful you should see a message like this;

make install
[100%] Built target icm
Install the project...
-- Install configuration: "Debug"
-- Installing: /home/apg1e14/coast/iCOASST/cme.exe

Go to the iCOASST folder and run it with:


Here you can see a screenshot after ./cme.

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