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What is MicroBit?

The micro:bit is an educational and creative tool to inspire a new generation of young people. It can be used across the curriculum, not just in STEM subjects. It can help give young people the knowledge and skills to move from being consumers of digital information, to being designers and creators of new tools to enhance learning, to solve problems or just to have fun, enabling them to make the most of 21st Century life and the economy. To learn more click here.

Let's make our virtual dice a real one and much more

In this section, you will learn how to make a virtual dice a real one (i.e. one that you can touch). But this dice will not only throw a number but will also send the resulting number to another microbit via Bluetooth. That is not all, the receiving MicroBit is connected to a PC with a java version of the scratch cliff erosion model. At the end of this exercise you will have learnt not only how to code a dice on Microbit, but also how to stream the resulting number, fetch it and use it as an input of your cliff model.

You will need the following materials to do this exercise:

The coding for creating a virtual dice with wireless streaming is very simple and can be downloaded from here microbit-stream-dice-shownum.hex

Note you have to download the same .hex code to two microbits… one acts as a remote sensor, the second must be connected to your computer with a USB lead and acts as the radio receiver.

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