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Papers and reports

Payo, A., Hall, J.W., Favis-Mortlock, D., Ives, M., 2015. A multi-landform numerical framework for modelling large scale coastal morphodynamics, In: Wang, P., Rosati, J.D., Cheng, J. (Eds.), The Proceedings of Coastal Sediments 2015. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., San Diego, CA, p. 14.

French, J., Payo, A., Murray, B., Orford, J., Eliot, M., Cowell, P., 2016. Appropriate complexity for the prediction of coastal and estuarine geomorphic behaviour at decadal to centennial scales. Geomorphology 256, 3-16.

Hurst, M.D., Barkwith, A., Ellis, M.A., Thomas, C.W., Murray, A.B., 2015. Exploring the sensitivities of crenulate bay shorelines to wave climates using a new vector-based one-line model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 120, 2586-2608.

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