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The core development team of CoastalME are Dr. Andres Payo, a coastal geomorphologist at the British Geological Survey, Dr. David Favis-Mortlock, a senior research associate of Oxford University, and Prof. Jim W. Hall, director of the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University.

CoastalME has benefited from contributions of many other researchers. The very concept and usability of CoastalME has been extensively guided by Dr Mark Dickson. Dr Mike Walkden is contributing to the integration of the cliff and shore platform model. Professor Ian Townend is contributing on extracting the essence of the ASMITA model (Aggregated Scale Morphological Interaction between Tidal inlet and Adjacent coast) so it can be included in CoastalME. Dr Martin Hurst has being key on the integration of the COVE model. Dr Matt Ives has contributed to the modular design of CoastalME.

CoastalME is still developing and we welcome contributions from any interested member of the research community.

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