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Sandy beach

Our approach is to extract behavioural rules from existing LSCB models and directly code them within the new coastal modelling environment. The COVE model is a one-contour line model that simulates the plan-view evolution of sandy rich coastline due to gradients in alongshore sediment transport (Hurst et al., 2016). As other one-contour line models, COVE assume that sediment accumulations or deficits in the surf zone are spread evenly across the shoreface down to a depth below which cross-shore fluxes are negligible compared to the gradients in alongshore fluxes above this depth (Figure 1). This assumption allows coastal evolution to be tracked following only a single contour line, such as the shoreline location itself. A unique aspect of COVE is its ability to parameterize the shoreface evolution relative to its local orientation (instead of global orientation used by other one contour line models), allowing the simulation of coasts with high planform-curvature such as spits and capes.

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