CoastalME  1.0
Modelling framework to simulate decadal to centennial coastal morphodynamic
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CoastalME Documentation

CoastalME (Coastal Modelling Environment) simulates the long-term behaviour of a coast. This initial version is a prototype which considers simple soft cliff cross-shore effects only
See for the latest version of the source code.


CoastalME is licensed under the GNU General Public License. CoastalME is an official project of the British Geological Survey. It runs on Linux, Unix, Cygwin and Windows and supports numerous vector and raster formats and functionalities.

From Shingle Street
To Orford Ness
The waves maraud,
The winds oppress,
The earth can’t help
But acquiesce
For this is east
And east means loss,
A lessening shore, receding ground,
Three feet gone last year, four feet this
Where land runs out and nothing’s sound.
Nothing lasts long on Shingle Street.

By Blake Morrison (2017). See


Step 1: Opening the box

Step 2: Running CoastalME

Step 3: Building datasets